“Virtual Reality”

I love Virtual Reality, and try it out at every opportunity.  I have a Google Cardboard (which we also use in our Library Makerspace).  I’ve also tried out the Occulus Rift,  HTC Vive, more recently the Samsung […]

Jun, 11

“Flipped classroom”

In the first semester this year I tried out the flipped classroom model in the library studies unit I was teaching. Instead of boring the students each week while I rambled on at them, with […]

Jun, 08

Supporting the curriculum through ‘making’

Note: I first wrote this post for the Curtin Makers blog in April 2016, and am republishing here as part of #blogjune  Much of what we aim to do in the Library Makerspace is extra-curricular, providing opportunities for […]

Jun, 07

“Imposter Syndrome”

I remember the first time I experienced imposter syndrome, after finishing my honours degree and embarking on the next step of post-graduate study.  At the time I didn’t know it was a common experience, and thought […]

Jun, 06

Researching the Makerspace

  This weekend I have been reading a bit about research in the information profession.  The majority of studies have a practical basis, often being done in libraries and other organisations, with much of it is […]

Jun, 05

“Peer Review”

Yesterday I received a reviewer invitation to peer-review an article, and I was reminded of a twitter conversation I had a week or so back with colleagues about the tendency of reviewers not to provide […]

Jun, 04

Creating a makerspace in the Library

Note:  this is a slightly modified / updated version of a post I wrote for Curtin Makers in November 2015.  I wanted to re-post it on this blog at the time, but didn’t get around to […]

Jun, 03


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