Playing with games in the library

There’s no doubt that games can be very powerful learning tools, and at my institution, as at most higher education institutions, there is momentum to introduce games-based learning into the curriculum. About a year ago […]

Nov, 23

An illustrated guide to being a Learning Services Coordinator

Along with others in my workplace I have been preparing a short presentation for my colleagues to inform them about what is involved in my role as a Learning Services Coordinator in the academic library. […]

Jun, 11

Fun and Games at the Festival of Learning

Recently Curtin University held the Festival of Learning, a showcase of the innovative work happening as part of the Transforming Learning @ Curtin project.  Games-based learning and gamification featured in a number of the sessions, […]

Mar, 31

Gamifying the library with SCVNGR

SCVNGR is a location-based game app for mobile devices that is about going places, doing challenges, and earning points.  It is used in a variety of contexts, including conventions, conferences and other events, as well […]

Feb, 23


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