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An illustrated guide to being a Learning Services Coordinator

Along with others in my workplace I have been preparing a short presentation for my colleagues to inform them about what is involved in my role as a Learning Services Coordinator in the academic library.

We were encouraged to try something different for our presentations, such as a video, a skit … anything but the usual boring thing.   I briefly contemplated attempting a 3 minute ‘Dance your job’ performance akin to the ‘Dance your PhD’ but after watching some startling examples of the latter on You Tube (here is one example) I quickly abandoned the idea, fearing that my reputation as a relatively sane person would be at stake. Instead, I resorted to my current, favourite mode of communication – Bitstrips – to illustrate some of the areas I am involved with.


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One comment on “An illustrated guide to being a Learning Services Coordinator

  1. laurah88
    June 12, 2014

    I love this! What a fun way to tell people about your job…which sounds incredibly interesting!

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