after #blogjune: to blog daily or not to blog daily?


As those of us who are a part of #blogjune enter the final week of the challenge to publish a daily blog post every day of June, I have been pondering my ‘failing’ on missing around four days so far, but also my ‘success’ in managing to publish a post on the other eighteen.   I figured that it’s all okay because, after all, the cup is more than half full.

To have the challenge of writing a post each day is a wonderful thing.  To make it a public commitment and be sharing the challenge with others, is hugely motivating.

But what about when #blogjune finishes?

I know that I want to establish the daily habit of writing, but I’m unsure whether I should extend it to the daily habit of publishing a blog post, or whether I should write daily but build up a more ‘thought-through’ post on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.   On the one hand I feel having the level of commitment and discipline to post daily is the preferable option, but I also know how potentially exhausting that could be on an ongoing basis, as I have other daily commitments that are important to me and that compete heavily for my time.

It’s not something I need to decide now, as there are still seven days left of  #blogjune, where I will continue to post everyday if possible.

I found some inspiration  from the Brainzooming blog (thanks to @flexnib for her retweets which put me on to the blog) where Mike Brown offers some useful tips for daily blogging. See his full post Blogging Daily – 7 Keys to Keeping Your Blog Content Fresh for an elaboration of the following tips:

1. self-discipine

2. developing more blog topics than you need

3. improving your communication skills all the time

4. an audience that cares

5. flexibility in some way, shape or form

6. comfort with brevity and incompleteness

7. tools to make you better than you otherwise would be

I also found some sage advice from Mike’s post 93 Business Blogging Topic Ideas – Things to Blog about When You’re Out of Ideas

The ideas are listed under the following headings:

1. use the crowd

2. share what you know

3. teach others

4. share opinions

5. make it more personal

6. repurpose content

7. use video or images

These are the ideas I will take with me into the final week of the #blogjune challenge.

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  1. I found that draft posts in my drafts folder were a lifesaver. Half- developed ideas could be reviewed and refined before being published. There is always the emergency pet post to consider :).

    1. That great idea Steph – Thanks! I’m hoping now that #blogjune is over I will find the space to develop a few more thought-out ideas.

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